Hey I'm Frank 👋🏻
I Help Teams Deliver Healthy Software

Did you know...

Over 50% of all software developers spend at least 10 hours per week fixing bugs...

Imagine what you could do with so much more time each week.

With Codesprout I want to help you avoid wasting time on fixing bugs or unnecessary team communication.

Instead I want to help you:

  • Build high quality codebases
  • Have smooth team collaboration
  • Enable amazing software experiences for end users
That's me working from home 🙋🏻‍♂️

I am Frank. 👋🏻

I want to help you make your life easier as a developer.

  • Software enthusiast
  • Tech lead at Qfact
  • Netherlands based

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What do you want to learn right now?

Do you want to learn about improving code quality
or software delivery automation?



Preventing bugs from from entering your codebases

  • Software Design
  • Coding Practices
  • Documentation


Workflow Automation

Spotting bugs early in the development lifecycle

  • Code reviews
  • Testing strategies
  • Comfortable releases

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